After cutting his teeth as a songwriter writing hymns and anthems to give voice to the Abolitionist movement, LoveJoy has found a musical identity in perspectives. By looking from many directions, he sees one thing more clearly for what it is and shares that vision with his listener. The Snow is Red is the first album-length version of his particular breed of multiperspectival music, covering the treatment of human embryos in our society from 6 different perspectives. Though musically diverse, the album is an emotional journey of despair and hope, tragedy and redemption, all surrounding these forgotten individuals.


Mr Teeth

Perhaps best known for his art-at-scale project "The Beast Bill" (Click here, here, and here), Mr Teeth has a prolific collection of lesser-known works, many of which originated as propaganda pieces but were so passionately produced that they have become art pieces themselves. Covering subjects from poverty to philosophy to conspiracy to dreams, Teeth's pieces are laden with meaning and leave the viewer pondering the deepest questions of human existence and significance. The most appropriate response to the beauty of these works is to Thank Mr Teeth.